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We live in a world of unprecedented technological transformation which shows no sign of slowing down. Continuous upset and disruption caused by the technological revolution is evident in every industry. Any business shying away from adapting to the new technology are doomed to become obsolete. FloatSys is adhered to make the state of art accessible and affordable for everyone in the maritime industry. Effect capture, structured storage of data and intelligent analytical tools for efficient decision making is important for efficient use of information overload that we deal with. FloatSys has created a suite of solutions for various industry segments within the maritime industry. It is possible to create custom solutions quickly by fine tuning the various existing modules:

Asset Management Tools :

Every floating system such as ships, offshore structures are significant investments. Managing their performance and integrity are important to maximize the return on investment. With the advent of latest data management and analytical tools decision making can be much more cost effective and systematic. FloatSys has lined up following portfolio of digital tools for our customers.

Digital Marketing Services :

Shipping being international, historically it was struggle for maritime service providers to market their services internationally to their clients. Internet technology has made the world much smaller and accessible.