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Retrofit Engineering - The FloatSys way

Aug. 24, 2020

As technology evolves present models become outdated in satisfying the needs of today’s expectations. For meeting with new regulations or to meet the modified mission requirements, retrofitting is often employed to upgrade existing assets to fulfill the changing requirements. 

Installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems(scrubbers) or ballast water treatment systems involve retrofitting. Or it could extendng the life of the vessel, incresing the vessel speed, increasing cargo capacity, etc. Retrofitting processes can take different amounts of time during which the vessel remains idle. Therefore, efficient time management is necessary due to the high cost of laying up vessels and dock charges. This is where the FloatSys way can save you time and money. To ensure the accuracy of our retrofit engineering design, FloatSys require the following  inputs:

- As built schematic drawings

- As built 3D model of the vessel or accurate layout drawings

In case the above is not available, FloatSys engineers could arrange to develop the necessary input in cooperation with the vessel. Through detailed planning and preparation, retrofit engineers generate cost-effective methods to benefit from new technologies while also saving on capital expenditure as they optimally manage the time, equipment, labor, and process required to carry out the retrofitting task.

Let's do you next retrofitting project the FloatSys way!