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Maritime Cybersecurity? Now is the time to act!

Aug. 24, 2020

As the rest of the world, shipboard systems are also more and more computerized and integrated with shore side networks. These days ships are designed for paperless operation for both its information technology as well as operational technology systems. This exposes ships and companies to cyber security risks, which in some cases could be catastrophic.

According to ISM Code “Safety management objectives of the Company should, assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards.” However, until recently, cyber security was not a perceived risk. Several recent incidents have proved that maritime cyber risk is real. Marine industry is a target for cyber-attacks.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) recognized the need for action and issued “Guidelines On Maritime Cyber Risk Management (MSC-FAL.1/Circ.3 dated July 5, 2017)”. In additional IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) affirmed that an approved safety management system should take into account cyber risk management in accordance with the objectives and functional requirements of the ISM Code; and have called upon Administrations to ensure that cyber risks are appropriately addressed in safety management systems no later than the first annual verification of the company's Document of Compliance (DOC) after 1 January 2021.

FloatSys have developed a portfolio of services to support the industry mitigate their cyber security risks, which include the following:

  • World class training courses leading to accredited certification for your team:
    • Maritime Cyber Security Management – Awareness and Implementation
    • ISO/IEC 27032 Cybersecurity Management
    • ISO/IEC 27001- Information Security Management.

Please visit our Learning Management System to learn more about our courses and enroll.

  • Advisory and Verification services for Maritime Cyber security Risk Management:
    • Gap assessment on shipboard and onshore cyber security management
    • Cybersecurity risk and vulnerability assessment
    • Cybersecurity risk management plan and updating of safety management system documentation
    • Verification of compliance

For more information on our maritime Cybersecurity management solutions please visit our Cybersecurity page


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