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IRS and FloatSys Sign Cooperation Agreement

March 14, 2024



On March 12, 2024, IRS and FloatSys entered into a Cooperation Agreement to explore joint business opportunities in the maritime and offshore industries.

Key Objectives

This agreement's primary aim is to establish a framework for collaboration between the two companies. Both parties recognize the potential benefits of working together and intend to leverage each other's strengths for mutual growth and success.

Scope of Collaboration

Under this agreement, FloatSys plans to offer IRS's expertise and services to its clients, as well as to the wider marine and offshore industry globally. These services may be offered individually or combined with other services provided by FloatSys, potentially enhancing the value proposition for clients.

Benefits of the Partnership


1. Synergistic Collaboration:
  • - Combining IRS's technical expertise with FloatSys's global reach and service offerings.
  • - Leveraging complementary strengths to provide comprehensive solutions to clients.
2. Expanded Service Portfolio:
  • - FloatSys gaining access to IRS's specialized capabilities in engineering risk, reliability, and safety studies.
  • - Enhancement of FloatSys's service portfolio for clients.


3. Global Reach:
  • - Increased exposure for IRS in the maritime and offshore sectors through FloatSys's network.
  • - Ability to provide high-quality services to clients worldwide.


The Cooperation Agreement between IRS and FloatSys represents a new collaborative effort in the maritime and offshore industries. By combining their respective strengths, the companies aim to pursue new opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver value to clients globally.