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EEXI & CII OUR SERVICES :Your Compliance Journey With FloatSys

Jan. 7, 2023

IMO’s MEPC 76 adopted amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, as part of its short-term measures under the IMO GHG Reduction Strategy. In particular, short-term measures EEXI and CII will be in force starting from 1st January 2023.

Our consulting service aims at supporting shipowners and management companies with their decarbonization path, especially in understanding the latest MARPOL amendments and for ensuring compliance.

Our EEXI service includes:

  • Ship’s current EEXI calculation (attained vs required)
  • EEXI gap and evaluation of the EPL percentage needed in order to meet the requirements
  • Analysis of other technical options in order to achieve the targets
  • Preparation of the EEXI technical file and submission to classification society
  • Onboard Management Manual (OMM) where overridable Shaft/Engine Power Limitation (SHaPoLi/EPL) system applied

Further for vessels which are not meeting the required level of EEXI, FloatSys can advise to select the best techno-commercially feasible solution for your vessel.

Our CII service includes:

  • Preliminary assessment of the Carbon Intensity Indicator attained vs required
  • Evaluation of operational profile and potential improvement in order to reach the IMO target in 2023
  • Preparation of the revised SEEMP and submission to the Administration/RO

Documents needed for EEXI calculation and EEXI Technical File preparation,

  1. Main engine & Auxiliary engine NOx tech file and shop trial results (for Power & ISO corrected SFC values)
  2. Final trim and stability booklet
  3. Capacity plan
  4. Sea trial report with speed-power curve
  5. Model test report, if available
  6. Shaft generator & Shaft motors details (if installed in vessel)
  7. IAPP Certificate including supplement
  8. Details of energy-saving equipment, if available


  1. EEXI Technical File
  2. Onboard Management Manual (OMM)
  3. SEEMP Part III

Contact the FloatSys team and make your next project your most successful one.