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Detailed Engineering

Nov. 8, 2022

The final stage of ship design is the development of detailed working plans. These plans are the installation and construction instructions to the ship fitters, welders, outfitters, metal workers, machinery vendors, pipefitters, etc. In detailed designing stage the space allocation for various main components will be arranged according to their necessities. The procedures for planning the construction, obtaining materials and driving fabrication and assembly of the ship in the yard are the starting phases of detailed design stage and will be an ongoing process until the vessel is ready to launch.

The schematic diagrams for main cable trays, Cable pipes and ventilation ducts will be taking into consideration for structural development. Thus, in consistent with the basic design FloatSys team will be developing a detailed design as a result of this.


Standard Deliverable

Hull, Outfit & Accommodation Design

  • 3D Modelling of hull structure, accommodation, appendages including major foundations as per the unit division plan
  • Fabrication drawings & Block Assembly Sequence
  • Welding Details
  • Material Take Off (MTO) / Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Weight & COG list
  • Block, Panel, Sub panel, Part & Proļ¬le drawings
  • Nesting plan and NC tapes
  • Cutting and bending template drawings

Machinery Design

  • Arrangement and Installation drawing of Machinery outfit - Equipment foundations, HVAC ducts, Lifting beams, gratings, ladders, and platforms
  • Material list for machinery outfit

Piping Design

  • Pipe Spool / Isometric Drawing
  • Pipe Support Detail Drawing
  • Piping Layout
  • Pipe Support Layout
  • MTO

Electrical Design

  • Manufacturing drawing of Cable Ways including Material List
  • Manufacturing drawing of Electrical Equipment Seat including Material List for equipment Seat
  • Cable schedule
  • Cable tray list
  • Termination Diagram
  • Generation of BOM and Equipment list for each drawing

FloatSys have a team of experienced and trained engineers and designers in hull, piping and electrical disciplines.