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Prominent Classification Societies - CRS Class and MACOSNAR Subscribed FloatSys eSIMS

Feb. 9, 2022

eSIMS SM - Electronic Survey Information Management System is a software as service (SaaS) offering from FloatSys specially developed to manage survey and certification activities of classification societies and recognized organizations. Both MACOSNAR Corporation - a Panamanian Classification Society and Capital Register of Shipping (CRS Class) a US based classification society have subscribed to eSIMSSM.

eSIMSSM is a cloud-based solution for classification societies to professionally manage their survey and certification activities. In addition to providing much sought facility for issuing electronic certificates, eSIMSSM automates many of the time-consuming communication processes from requesting a survey, instructing a surveyor to do the survey, issuance of provisional certificates by the surveyor, survey reporting by the surveyors, review of the surveyor reports by authorized reviewers, issuance of full-term certificates by the headquarters, etc. Owners as well as flag states have access to view the survey status of their vessels or request a survey for a vessel already in the system.  Database also store the technical particulars of the vessel. Customizations are possible as per the requirements of each classification society or recognized organizations.

Electronic issued through eSIMSSM are consistent with the format and content required by the relevant international convention or instrument. Electronic certificates can be verified by scanning the QR code or clicking the URL provided in the digital certificates. eSIMSSM electronic certificates comply with the IMO “Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Certificates” (IMO Circular FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2). The format and the content of the certificate are consistent with the requirements in the conventions and are identical with the paper-based certificates except for the electronic signature. It is not necessary to print and sign the electronic certificate. Electronic certificates are a convenient way for ship owners and operators to evidence the validity of their ship’s classification and statutory certifications. e-certificates platform reduces administrative time and costs, allowing ship managers to keep their certificates in a single, easily accessible online location. Easy and safe to share with relevant stakeholders, e-certificates ensure operations do not get disrupted by missing documentation. E-certificates provide the added benefit of improving digital efficiency and being more secure than paper certificates, eliminating the risk of misplaced documentation or late delivery. Moreover electronic certificates provide the industry a means to eliminate fraudulent certificates.

Notes to the editors: FLOATSYS is an international network of maritime professionals with a vision of a maritime industry that do not compromise on quality due to its cost. Our mission is “enhancing safety in waterborne transport and offshore floating systems by reducing the cost of quality”. FloatSys is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization with a product/service scope of engineering and management consultancy, training, IT solutions and third-party inspections.

General Features

  • Role based login for surveyor/auditor, reviewer, admin, shipowner, flag administration
  • Dashboard based on user type/credentials.
  • Automated alerts
  • Cloud based infrastructure with onsite back up
  • Assured information security and disaster recovery measures.
  • Verification of the certificates online through QR code or unique ID
  • iOS, Android, and windows webapps.


  • Eliminates administrative burdens
  • Eliminate the necessity for all paper handling tasks
  • Eliminates the traditional file storage, organization, and retrieval nightmares
  • Eliminates any headaches associated with verifying certificate authenticity
  • Eliminates the risk of documentation ever getting lost or destroyed
  • Can be easily shared with stakeholders