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Jan. 6, 2022

The first stage of the design process, where the foundation of any vessel is set, is the concept design. Concept design of a ship is a set of calculations for creating documentation that describes the necessary requirements for construction and ensures that the ship meets the needs of the client. With our wealth of engineering techniques, advanced analysis tools and experience of past vessel designs, we can efficiently generate a fresh starting point for your design or begin from a proven hull form.

Our resolute concept development team pulls together data from market studies, develops a deep understanding of our client’s needs, harnesses our mastery of technological advancements and our knowledge of the latest rules and shipbuilding practices to generate innovative solutions for complex and multi-mission needs.



During the concept study, a close interaction with the client will ensure that different options are explored, and the best ones are chosen to carry onto basic design. Our international network will ensure that your point of contact is within your time zone and probably in your city.

We offer Conceptual Design Engineering Services:

  • Preliminary Technical Specification & General Arrangement
  • Dimensional Optimization
  • Hull Form Development; Considering Statutory Freeboard Requirements and Hydrostatics
  • Preliminary Weight Estimation
  • Preliminary Stability Calculation
  • Preliminary Powering Calculation
  • Preliminary Cost Estimation Report
  • Basic Construction Details
  • Development of Pre-Contractual Specifications for the Ship Design Contract

FloatSys offer industrial design expertise to respond even more precisely to customer needs of the future.