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FloatSys is an international network of experienced professionals in maritime and offshore industry worldwide, who came together to build a safer and environment friendly maritime industry in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions with a view to improving the quality and safety in shipping, ship-building, ship-repairing and offshore floating system industries.

Our Vision

Maritime Industry that do not compromise on quality due to its cost.

Our Mission

Enhancing safety in waterborne transport and offshore floating systems by reducing the cost of quality.


FloatSys have identified following enablers in achieving our mission:

  • Making the state-of-the-art in engineering accessible to the maritime industry globally by leveraging the advancements in communication technology.
  • Providing internationally recognized professional development and training products accessible to the industry worldwide.
  • Sharing the benefits of internet-based information technology tools at affordable costs.
  • Reducing the cost of inspections worldwide through development of a reliable and competent inspector network.
  • Popularizing the state of the art in management systems and project management worldwide.

In our mission towards our vision we will always adhere to the following core values throughout the organisation:


Enhancing safety in the maritime industry by improving quality


Building global partnerships to bring cost effective solutions to our customers


Instilling confidence in our stakeholders by saying what we do, and always doing what we say


Unparalleled commitment to our employees, to our customers, and most importantly to a better future.